Recent activities

April 1, 2021: Second PhD defense from the OKiN team!

March 19, 2021: First PhD defense from the OKiN team!

November 2020: The codebook for the second wave of OKiN was finalized and can be found here.

July 2020: European Consortium for Sociological Research

  • Kirsten van Houdt: Like my own children: Relations to adult stepchildren in the context of serial parenting

October 2019Suzanne de Leeuw presented her work (“Divorce and children’s access to parental resources: the role of complex sibling configurations in stepfamilies”) to the Inequality Working Group at the European University Institute.

Divorce conference 2019, Florence, Italy

  • Maaike HornstraStepfamily spillover effects. Studying the interrelations between ties in complex families
  • Suzanne de LeeuwThe dilution of non-material parental resources in stepfamilies: the role of complex sibling configurations
  • Katya IvanovaThe good divorce and the good stepparent: Mental health among the adult children of the Dutch ‘divorce revolution’

September 2019: Exciting news about the OKiN data! We are currently working on a second wave of the survey, which will focus on the adult children from wave 1. The fieldwork will again be carried out by CBS and is tentatively planned for Spring 2020.

September 2019: Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) colloquium

  • Kirsten van Houdt: A Dutch double multi-actor study on adult intergenerational ties in the context of increasing family complexity

June 2019:

Dutch Day of Sociology 2019, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Kirsten van Houdt: Why do parents feel closer to their children than vice versa? Family complexity as a test of the intergenerational stake hypothesis

21st Nordic Demographic Symposium, Reykjavík, Iceland

  • Kirsten van Houdt: (A)symmetry in perceptions of adult (step)parent-child relations
  • Maaike Hornstra: Stepfamily spillover effects: Studying the interrelations between ties in complex families
  • Suzanne de Leeuw: Sibship size and parental involvement in stepfamilies: Resource dilution with full, half and step siblings

November 2018: The OKiN data have now been deposited at DANS and are available for public use. To gain access to the data, please click here.

November 2018: In mid-November, we are hosting the first OKiN user symposium – an afternoon meeting where ongoing projects using the OKiN data will be presented and discussed. We will also use this opportunity to set up a number of future collaborations.

October 2018: European Consortium for Sociological Research, Paris, France

  • Kirsten van Houdt, Stepparental support to young adults: The diverging roles of stepmothers and stepfathers
  • Suzanne de Leeuw, Intergenerational mobility in stepfamilies

October 2018: The Netherlands Demographic Society and CBS hosted a seminar focusing on family complexity in the Netherlands, featuring a talk by Prof. Kalmijn about findings based on the OKiN data. More information about the seminar can be found here (only in Dutch).

June 2018: Dag van Sociologie, Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Suzanne de Leeuw, Who Plays the Role of Dad? Intergenerational Transmission in Stepfamilies

June 2018: We have been very busy presenting a number of studies, using the newly collected OKiN data, at the 2018 EPC meeting in Brussels. Here is a list of our talks:

  • Maaike Hornstra, Mother’s Gatekeeping in Complex Families: Studying Mother’s Long Term Impact on the Ties between Adult Children, Biological Fathers and Stepfathers
  • Suzanne de Leeuw, Who Plays the Role of Dad? Intergenerational Transmission in Stepfamilies
  • Matthijs Kalmijn, A Double Multi-Actor Perspective on Adult Intergenerational Ties: The Role of Biological Relatedness Vis-à-Vis Shared Residence
  • Kirsten van Houdt, Adult Parent-Child Relationships in Complex Families: A Latent Class Analysis of Relationships to Stepparents and Biological Parents
  • Katya Ivanova, Long Term Effects of Childhood Family Structure on Interpersonal Trust

February 2018: Our team presented findings about the prevalence of stepfamilies in the Netherlands and relations between adult children and their stepparents at the first congress “Samengesteld Gezin” of the Dutch Stiefgoed Academie (an organisation focused on providing knowledge about and support for stepfamilies).

December 2017: On December 8th, we hosted our first expert meeting and presented the first findings of our OKiN survey. The programme can be found here.

October 2017: After about a year of questionnaire preparation and testing, data collection and data cleaning, we now have the first release of the multi-actor OKiN data ready to work with.

August 2017: European Consortium for Sociological Research, Milan, Italy

  • Katya Ivanova, The educational gradient in multipartner fertility in the Netherlands: A study of Dutch men and women
  • Ruben van Gaalen, The intergenerational transmission of crime: Is it crime or deprivation?
  • Kirsten van Houdt, Family complexity and normative family obligations: The role of divorce and co-residential history in norms to support elderly parents and stepparents

August 2017: Research Committee 28 on Social Stratification and Mobility

  • Suzanne de Leeuw, The intergenerational transmission of educational attainment among non-residential fathers and their children

July 2017: The OKiN data collection is complete! We are currently busy with cleaning and preparing the datasets but in the meantime, you can see the table of contents of the OKiN codebook here.

June 2017: Dag van Sociologie, Brussels, Belgium

  • Kirsten van Houdt, Verplichtingen van kinderen tegenover ouders in complexe gezinsstructuren
  • Suzanne de Leeuw, The intergenerational transmission of educational attainment among non-residential fathers and their children

May 2017: Op-ed piece, written by Bella Depaulo for the New York Times, discusses the recently published work by Matthijs Kalmijn in Social Forces on the ambiguous link between marriage and health (the Social Forces publication can be found here).

April 2017: We are looking for a new junior member of our group! For more information, see the announcement on the website of the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology. Deadline: 10th of May

March 2017: Team member Ruben van Gaalen gave his inaugural talk, focusing on the use of register data for the study of diversity in life courses. For more information (in Dutch), see here.

January 2017: our data collection has begun! After months of intense questionnaire preparation, the OKiN field work started in mid-January, facilitated by the CBS. More information for the participants (in Dutch), can be found here.

December 2016: Ruben van Gaalen discusses the challenges which family complexity poses for people during the holiday season in the Dutch newspaper NRC (in Dutch, Geef je familie nog één kans).

September 2016: European Consortium for Sociological Research, Oxford, UK

  • Ruben van Gaalen, Diverging destinies in the Netherlands? The educational gradient of union formation, childbearing and union dissolution in the 21st century
  • Katya Ivanova, Cementing the stepfamily? Biological and social parents’ well-being after the birth of a common child in stepfamilies

August 2016: European Population Conference, Mainz, Germany

  • Lonneke van den Berg, Family structure and leaving home: why do young adults from non-intact families leave earlier?